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I match your interests and values to specific careers. This leads to better satisfaction and a higher likelihood of you remaining in that career.
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CBT-I has been extremely well supported by research as a treatment for insomnia, and is more effective long-term than sedative hypnotic medication.
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I work with a broad range of concerns and personalize the therapy approach to your needs using evidence-based approaches.
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Welcome to Anders Psychological Services.

Anders Psychological Services is a specialty mental health center specializing in career counseling and assessment, behavioral treatments for sleep disorders (primarily insomnia), treatment for anxiety (general, social, panic and others), and general therapeutic concerns. I am committed to using interventions backed by sound psychological research and to continually incorporating new research findings and techniques into my practice. I am dedicated to meeting my clients’ needs and helping them achieve their goals. Because of this, I strive to understand your perspective, strengths, and experiences and to meet you where you are during our work together. My goal is to work collaboratively with you in order to create the change you want.

At present, I offer treatment in the following areas: Comprehensive career counseling and assessment, general therapeutic concerns (i.e., stress, anxiety disorders, grief processing, ADHD), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, motivational interviewing training, presentations, research consulting and teaching. Telehealth is available for those clients who are in Minnesota.

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